From Dynamic Chiropractic (Dec 15) : an interview with Dr. Christine Goertz

DC:What is the takeaway from the recent Gallup/Palmer report?”

Goertz: “…both good and bad. 60% of participants believe DCs’ are effective in treating back or neck pain, however less than 10% of recent users (of Chiropractic) would go to a DC first to talk about their health and nearly 25% believe chiropractic is dangerous”.

“Patient trust is fundamental…when we focus on spine-care we are within our “circle of trust”. Spine care makes sense to people, it is consistent with our education, research and success stories people hear from their friends and families. I think the Gallup report shows us if we start pushing against the boundaries of that inner circle of trust we start to lose people”.

“Nearly 60% of people think we are effective in treating back and neck pain. Far fewer are still with us when we start talking about general wellness care”.

A major challenge:

“It is increasingly more difficult to get federal funds to conduct Chiropractic research in an increasingly evidenced-based world…it is unlikely those outside the profession will provide the funding needed to answer the next generation of research questions…”

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