Highlights of the 2015 Gallup/Palmer College study on Chiropractic’s perception

About 50% of all adults have been to a Chiropractor.

14% have been in the last year, 12% in last (5) years.

65% of adults (18-34) have never been to a Chiropractor.

50% of adults have a positive view of Chiropractic.

50% “agree” or “somewhat agree” that DC’s are effective at treating neck or back pain.

25% of adults “agree” or “strongly agree” chiropractic is dangerous.

47% who have not been to a Chiropractor see it as dangerous.

Among the 51% who have never been to a Chiropractor uncertainly of COST, number of VISITS and EDUCATION represent barriers to use.

46% seeing a DC in the last 5 year said they would utilize it more often if it weren’t so expensive.

43% of Americans believe Chiropractic care is too expensive.

44% believe it requires too many visits.

50% do not know if their insurance covers the care.

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