This is still a KDT Technique Certification Seminar.  There will be three other companies doing their seminars in the same hotel so you will do your breaks and lunch with the other groups.  The other companies are Breakthrough Coaching, OTZ, and Sigma Instruments.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY of the chiropractic profession, we have brought together experts in Manual Adjusting, Instrument Adjusting, and Decompression Technique to expand your practice. Expanding the tools in your chiropractic toolbox will help you INCREASE YOUR CERTAINTY in your ability to find and correct the cause of your patients’ conditions. Each session will increase your capacity to GROW YOUR PRACTICE by serving a larger patient population and differentiating your practice with new centers of excellence.

We have designed a SYSTEM combining three techniques that will:

• Increase your ability to manually palpate, locate and correct subluxations.
• Increase your ability to treat chronic low back and neck pain without drugs or surgery.
• Increase your ability to remove the fear factor from patients afraid to get “cracked”.
• Increase your ability to add an associate to your practice while delivering consistent care.

Join our technique experts in three hands-on workshop sessions where you will learn and experience the techniques and how we have coordinated them into a system that will help you expand your practice PROFITABILITY.

Watch the Technique Symposium Video